Yankee Air Museum Launches Approaches Magazine

The Yankee Air Museum introduces its premiere issue of Approaches magazine. Approaches will spotlight new exhibits and Flight Experiences (FLEX), follow the progress of the campaign to save, preserve and renovate the Willow Run Bomber Plant as the Museum’s future new home, and offer articles on historical and technological topics related to the Museum’s mission and exhibits.

Yankee Air Museum Launches Approaches Magazine

The premiere issue of Approaches highlights the thrilling history of barnstorming in America, and Museum’s newest FLEX Flight opportunity, a chance to ride in a shiny, red WACO YMF-5C biplane and experience the thrill of open-air flight first-hand. You can learn more about the newest addition to the Museum’s fleet of flyables, or book a flight, at www.yankeairmuseum.org or by calling the Museum at (734) 483-4030.

Yankee Air Museum's New WACO Biplane

Also spotlighted are two special exhibits that introduce kids (and adults!) to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through the excitement of aviation. “The 5 Simple Machines of Aviation,” offers a hands-on understanding of the Pulley, the Lever, the Incline Plane, the Screw and the Wheel & Axle, while “The Fly Zone” focuses on the technology of drones (also known as UAVs.)

Arsenal of Democracy by A.J. Baime


The third feature article is an excerpt from A.J. Baime’s New York Times Best Seller, The Arsenal of Democracy: FDR, Detroit, and an Epic Quest to Arm an America at War, which tells the incredible story of how Detroit answered the call-to-arms during World War II. This excerpt focuses on Edsel Ford and the key role he played in building the Willow Run Bomber Plant, which itself played a key role in winning the war.

Interspersed throughout are spotlighted Museum exhibits and fun historical facts about the Willow Run Bomber Plant, including an occasional appearance by Rosie the Riveter.

But, the most important articles keep supporters updated on our progress in saving, preserving and renovating the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant as the future new home of the Yankee Air Museum, and allow them to follow along as our vision for the new Museum takes shape.

Approaches magazine will be mailed bi-annually to Yankee Air Museum Members. You can learn more about membership… and the perks and special access that Membership offers… at www.yankeairmuseum.org

And you can help turn the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant into a fabulous new Museum by clicking the big, red Donate Button to your right!