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Lt. Col. Dick Dole and the C-47 “Hairless Joe”

For years, the Yankee Air Museum’s C-47 Skytrain had sported a World War II paratroop interior configuration, and had been marketed as a WWII aircraft, but all the while had worn an external post-WWII paint scheme that did not match its interior or branding. She had a bit of an identity issue, you could say. […]

Willow Run Memories Project: WWII Veteran Comes Full Circle at Yankee Air Museum

A great delight here at the Yankee Air Museum is when a World War II veteran gets to relive his heroism with a flight in our Yankee Lady B-17 Flying Fortress! Here’s the story of WWII B-17 crewman Gerald J. Christ, who survived a crash in Villafans, France aboard the B-17 Roanoke Magician. After the […]

Women in World War Two

March is Women’s History Month, and seldom in history have women played as critical a role as they did during Wold War Two. The following pictorial highlights just a few of the many ways that American women contributed to Allied Victory. We hope you enjoyed this pictorial highlighting the role of women in World War […]