The Willow Run Memories Project

As a part of developing new exhibits and programs when the former Willow Run Bomber Plant becomes the future new home of the Yankee Air Musem, we’re asking you to share your recollections, personal snapshots, and family stories about Willow Run… (You can view photos and stories already submitted by clicking here.)

Willow Run Memories Project Save The Bomber Plant


We’re interested in all eras – World War II, the 1950s, 1960s… to the 2010s

And we’re interested in all aspects of the Willow Run Plant, Willow Run Airport, Willow Village, Willow Run Labs, how Willow Run impacted Ypsilanti and surrounding areas, B-24 air and ground crews, and…

And all of the companies that have operated the Plant – Ford, Kaiser-Frazer and General Motors. And while we all love Rosie the Riveter and want to hear more about her, we would also like to learn more about the male workers at the Bomber Plant and document their contribution to the wartime effort as well. Stories and photos from other WWII factories are welcome also!

We are not seeking actual photos or artifacts, just a scan, digital snapshot or a written recollection is fine.

All that we ask is that you own the rights to any images, memories or stories that you make available to us. Also, that you understand that by submitting this material you are consenting to its future (noncommercial) use by the Yankee Air Museum and the Save the Bomber Plant Campaign without compensation.

We are especially interested in receiving compelling snapshots – ideally along with a little bit of the story of the people, places and events appearing in your photo. But, please, do not hesitate to submit your Willow Run memories and stories without photos if you do not have photos.

How Do I Submit My Photos, Stories and Recollections?

  1. Post your contributions to the Yankee Air Museum Facebook Page – click here to go there, or copy and paste this Facebook link into your browser: OR you can submit your memories via email to OR you can submit by using the online Contact Form on this website (however you will not be able to attach images to the Online Contact From.)
  2. You can view photos and stories already submitted by clicking here.
  3. Postings highlighted on our Facebook Page and in our online Gallery may be edited for concision or brevity.
  4. All postings will be archived for use in exhibit and program development, research and publications.
  5. For more information on the Willow Run Memories Project, or to submit memories via email: email us at

History is a story… and the little stories help bring the larger story to life!

Willow Run was an historical, industrial and social landmark…  let’s preserve the history, the stories… and a piece of the building… for future generations! Please do your part. Please give generously!

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Thank you for your support!
The Yankee Air Museum Foundation
The Yankee Air Museum
Campaign Co-chairmen: Jack Lousma, NASA Astronaut (retired); Bob Lutz, GM Executive (retired)