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The single most helpful thing that any person or organization can do to help Save The Bomber Plant is to donate as generously as you can.

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And there are also additional ways you can support the campaign:

  • BECOME A TRIBUTE ROSIE THE RIVETER You can help build awareness for the Campaign by making appearances at area events with our volunteer troupe of Tribute “Rosies.” Learn more about “Joining the Rosies” by clicking here.
Other ways to help include…
  • SPREAD THE WORD  Please… post, tweet, link, and share the Campaign message! A great way to do that is by Liking the Save The Willow Run Bomber Plant on Facebook and then sharing Campaign-related posts with your friends. The more people know about the Campaign, the more awareness and money we can raise!
  • SUGGEST PEOPLE TO CONTACT  Suggest some people or organizations you know of who might be interested in the Campaign, or might be in a position to make a significant donation or offer other support. Ideally, you would be able to personally help us make that contact! To suggest possible champions for our cause, please visit our Contact Page to fill out our Contact Form.
  • TELL US YOUR WILLOW RUN OR ‘ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY’ STORY  The Yankee Air Museum’s Oral History Project has an ongoing program of interviewing and recording the recollections of WWII veterans and war workers. At this time, we are especially anxious to collect “home front” recollections from people who worked at Willow Run. If you have a Willow Run family member who would like to be interviewed about their experiences, please visit our Contact Page to fill out our Contact Form. Our historians would love to hear from you!
  • WILLOW RUN MEMORIES PROJECT An easier, more informal way to share Willow Run stories and memories is through our Willow Run Memories Project. You do not need to be a WWII-era veteran or home front worker yourself:  family stories are fine, and we’re interested in all eras and decades of Willow Run’s history, as well as other war production facilities. You can share your family’s stories and digital images via email, web or Facebook. Learn more here.
  • SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER  Please sign up for the campaign newsletter! That way, we can keep you posted about the progress of the Campaign, and notify you of events, and specific opportunities to help Save The Bomber Plant.
  • VISIT THE YANKEE AIR MUSEUM  If you have not already done so, we hope that you will visit the Yankee Air Museum. A visit to the Museum in its current home is a fun, family-friendly adventure, and will give you a sense of how much more we could accomplish in the larger space that the former Bomber Plant would provide. Learn more at the Yankee Air Museum website.
  • BOOK A FLIGHT ON A REAL WWII BOMBER  Flight Experience (FLEX) flights on our B-17 “Yankee Lady” or B-25 “Yankee Warrior” historic aircraft are available May through October. We offer flights out of Willow Run, MI and Port Clinton, OH on a regular basis, and around the country during the air show season. Learn more about FLEX flights.
Together, “We Can Do It!” Please do your part. Please give generously!

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Thank you for your support!
The Yankee Air Museum Foundation
The Yankee Air Museum
Campaign Co-chairmen: Jack Lousma, NASA Astronaut (retired); Bob Lutz, GM Executive (retired)