Save the Bomber Plant Campaign: Hangar 1 Replacement Project

Our current focus is building new hangar space for Yankee Air Museum’s flyable aircraft within our preserved portion of the Willow Run Bomber Plant. Your donation today will fund this project.

The Save The Bomber Plant Campaign is dedicated to preserving a portion of the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant by renovating it to become the new home of the expanded Yankee Air Museum.

The new Museum will have new exhibits and innovative programming that will celebrate Willow Run’s unique history, share the excitement of flight, spark an interest in manufacturing and technology, and benefit the local community. Willow Run, with its unique history, offers unsurpassed learning opportunities for children and adults to learn about our local and national history, the changing American workforce, the story of creating “just-in-time” manufacturing, and the economic and social development of this region.

Together, we can preserve the history of Willow Run and build the future NEW home of the Yankee Air Museum. Please give generously!

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