Big Dig Done. Let’s Keep the Progress Going!

We’re proud to announce the completion of The Big Dig at historic Willow Run!

Thanks to you, our supporters, “The Big Dig” is complete at the historic Willow Run B-24 Bomber Plant near Detroit, MI!

2017 was a busy construction year at the Bomber Plant, and we’re pleased to report that we’ve completed the trenching work necessary to bring vital utility lines to the building. We’re getting closer to “turning the lights back on” at historic Willow Run!

With your help, we were able to bring electrical and gas service lines to the building from over 2,000 feet away—that’s the length of 5 ½ football fields! We also replaced stormwater drainage systems, brought sanitary sewer connections to the building, and installed new water mains. The stage is set for the next phase of renovations! Now, we need your support for the NEXT STEPS required to renovate the Bomber Plant so we can turn it into the Yankee Air Museum’s new home.

The goal for the coming year is to turn the lights back on… and bring Rosie the Riveter’s celebrated workplace back to life! This next phase of renovation work includes installing and connecting: electrical service, heating & cooling systems, building ventilation systems, sanitary services, and fire suppression systems; pouring a new floor, interior painting, installing permanent lighting, and more. By the end of the next construction season our preserved portion of the Bomber Plant will be a ready for interior construction! With your help, we can get to work… and bring Rosie’s Factory back to life!

Together, we can fully renovate the Bomber Plant, and begin to fill it with history, science, imagination, technology, and inspiration for future generations. We plan to use the excitement of “things that fly” to inspire children and young adults to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (the STEM fields.) And, as befits our special Willow Run location, some exhibits will tell the stories of Willow Run and focus on manufacturing. Our current estimate to complete the renovation is $10 million beyond what has already been raised, with still more needed later to complete the planned exhibits. In short, we have a long way to go in order to make our vision a reality.

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Thanks for your amazing support!

The Big Dig was an ambitious undertaking to bring utilites closer to the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant. The next exciting step will be to do the work necessary to “turn the lights back on” at Willow Run!