A New Song About Rosie!

Just in time for Women’s History Month, New York folk/rock musicians Along The Road have recorded a wonderful original song about Rosie the Riveter, and mention the Save the Willow Run Bomber Plant campaign on their new CD!

Written by band member and Save the Bomber Plant supporter Pete DeBlasi, the song “We Can Do It” pays homage to the women who entered the workforce in great numbers during World War II, many donning slacks for the first time, to do jobs that were then considered “a man’s job.”

As Pete says in the CD’s liner notes,

“As I was doing some research online for the song 9066 Express, I came across a link that was about saving the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant, the original site for the first Rosie the Riveters back in the early 1940s. After a few years of donating to help the cause I thought that maybe a song about these incredible women would be my way of showing thanks. Please go to savethebomberplant.org if this interests you and help keep this important time in our history alive.”

And as Along the Road sings in the song, “We Can Do It…”

Sister did you hear the news today?
It’s all across the USA
Bombs are raining down from the Rising Sun
So many killed, now the war’s begun…
It’s a day to live in infamy
I don’t know what the future’s going to be
So many things are bound to change
I doubt that it will ever be the same

My brother Jimmy’s running out to enlist
Says he wants to be the first in line
Want to be the first to shine

Sister did you hear the news today?
It’s all across the USA
Uncle Sam needs us ladies in the factories
Now that our boys are fighting overseas
We’re heading down to the bomber yard

Gonna learn how to build ’em, gonna work real hard
Just like it was in days before
When the women filled these roles in the first world war

And as we walk down past the gates
The men were standing all in line
One of them shouts to me
“This ain’t no place for a girl to be”
Oh mister cant you see
They need us all for this Victory

We stepped out from behind the kitchens
And stepped out from off of the farms
All across America we answered the call to arms
And we rolled up both our sleeves
And pinned our hair up in a bun
Won’t stop building this machine
‘Til the war across the ocean is won!

We were working side by side
Whatever it took to swing the tide
All the while kept the home fires burning
Keeping hope alive

Sister did you hear the news today?
It’s all across the USA
Our boys are coming back from over there
Songs of peace for all the world to share
Sp we go on down to work tonight
And the supervisor says it just ain’t right
Gotta get these jobs back into the hands of men
You got one week and that’ll be the end

When I look back at all the years that passed me by
You know that I can truly say
I wish I could go back to today
That the time that we did everything
To help the bells of freedom ring!



You can give this CD, and the “We Can Do It” song, a listen  by clicking on the band’s CDBaby link here. You can learn more about Along the Road and their original music and acoustic performance style rooted in American folk and rock traditions by clicking on their website here.

Thanks for your support, Pete, and thanks to the members of Along the Road for honoring Rosie!

Please help us keep the Rosies’ story alive by helping us turn Rosie the Riveter’s famous Willow Run Bomber Plant into the future NEW home of the Yankee Air Museum… click here to donate!