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Willow Run Memories – March 2018

Our Willow Run Memories Project receives a great variety of stories and photos, from families who have a connection to Willow Run and to World War Two. In honor of Women’s History Month, we have a lot of Rosie the Riveter stories and photos and, just for good measure, one hardworking fellow who inspected bombers […]

Ernie Pyle Writes About Willow Run

Ernie Pyle was a Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent during World War Two, much beloved by the troops for having the courage to march alongside them into battle zones, reporting the war from “GI Joe’s” point of view. His reportage brought tales of sacrifice and courage home to the States, while boosting the morale of our […]

VIDEO – Share The Vision!

Our historic section of the Willow Run Bomber Plant has been rescued from demolition and saved for its next big role in history: as the future home of the new Yankee Air Museum! Now progressing in its preservation, planning and design, our new space will be an impressive addition to Southeast Michigan’s burgeoning cultural scene. […]