News Archive for May, 2016

New Ypsilanti Township Firetruck Honors Bomber Plant

Ypsilanti Township is proud of its history, and we’re proud of YTown for honoring the Bomber Plant with its shiny red firetruck! The new Spartan Crimson truck features graphics celebrating the Willow Run Bomber Plant (located in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan) and its role in WWII history. Graphics on the sides of the truck let everyone know that Ypsilanti […]

Willow Run Memories May–October 2015

Recent submissions to Willow Run Memories Project tell the stories of a 1950s bathing beauty at Willow Run Village, a World War One veteran who was a Willow Run Bomber Plant worker during WWII, a classroom of kids who bought a B-17 bomber to help the war effort, and romance blossoming on the assembly line for Rosie the Riveter. […]

Willow Run Bomber Plant Construction Update March 2016

We saved a 144,000 sq. ft. portion of the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant from demolition in 2014. But there is still a long way to go to turn our piece of the Plant into a Museum. March, 2016 marks the end of one full year of restoration work, and there is a much progress to celebrate! […]

“Bond With The Bomber Plant” Open House at Willow Run

The Save the Willow Run Bomber Plant Campaign and Yankee Air Museum (YAM) invite you to their “Bond With The Bomber Plant” Open House at Willow Run this Saturday! You’ll get to cross the threshold of history and take a peek inside the final assembly and roll-off portion of the historic WWII-era Ford Willow Run B-24 Bomber Plant […]