Rosie the Riveter Guinness World Record

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January 28, 2016: Congratulations, Rosie! You are now an Official Guinness World Record holder! Guinness has APPROVED our World Record of 2,096 Rosie the Riveters gathered at the Willow Run Bomber Plant on October 24, 2015. Our humble thanks go first to the original Rosie the Riveters and Wendy the Welders of the Greatest generation, several of whom were with us that day. Secondly, to the Rockin’ Rosies of Richmond, who inspired us by gathering over 1,000 Rosies in California, and whom we hope will be inspired in turn to beat our record… soon! And to our terrific volunteer organizers and to you ladies, for joining us for a very special achievement, and a very special day!

Background: 2,096 women and girls dressed as Rosie the Riveter, from 16 states and Canada, including 43 “Original Rosies” from the WWII era, came together on October 24, 2015 at the WILLOW RUN BOMBER PLANT to set a NEW WORLD RECORD to raise awareness and funds for

The campaign to Save The Willow Bomber Plant, and the Yankee Air Museum, can’t THANK YOU enough for your support and participation, as well as the many fabulous volunteers who helped make it happen, sponsors Avflight FBO and the Wayne County Airport Authority, co-chairs Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and Ypsilanti Twp Supervisor Brenda Stumbo, and event organizer Alison Beatty.

Watch television news coverage of the event… Rosie, you look marvelous!

Why Set a Rosie the Riveter World Record?

The reason 2,096 Rosie the Riveters gathered at Willow Run on October 24, 2015 was to raise awareness and funds for the effort to save, preserve and renovate the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant near Ypsilanti, Michigan to be the future NEW home of the Yankee Air Museum. You can learn more about this effort at

Why is the Willow Run Bomber Plant So Important?

The Willow Run Bomber Plant near Ypsilanti, Michigan was built in 1941, and produced over 8,600 B-24 Liberator bombers during WWII. It was 3 million square feet in size, had a mile-long assembly line, employed 42,000 workers, one third of whom were women, and was the largest factory under one roof in the world. Willow Run was where Rose Will Monroe, the “original WWII Rosie the Riveter” of newsreel fame, worked. She was filmed by the government under the direction of actor and producer Walter Pidgeon, and her face and name were familiar to movie-goers as a personification of the popular “Rosie the Riveter” wartime propaganda character.

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Rosie World Record at Willow Run Bomber Plant 2015

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You can keep that “Rosie Pride” going with a donation to help us save and renovate Rosie’s Willow Run Bomber Plant as the future NEW home of the Yankee Air Museum…

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