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The Educational Model B-24 Liberator bomber at Willow Run

The First B-24 Bomber at Willow Run: A Production Miracle Begins!

75 years ago this month, in September of 1942, the very first B-24 Liberator bomber rolled off the line at Ford’s Willow Run Bomber Plant… and the production juggernaut that was America’s “Arsenal of Democracy” was officially up and running! In a sense, there were two “first B-24s” at Willow Run. The very first was […]

Willow Run Memories – October 2017

Recent submissions to Willow Run Memories Project document the enormous contributions that women workers made to the war effort during World War II. Collectively known as “Rosie the Riveter.” these women not only riveted, they operated cranes, oversaw tool cribs, assembled aircraft parts, built ships and jeeps, and much more. In addition, the influx of tens […]

Willow Run Bomber Disappears, Italian Sherlock Holmes Solves Case 70 Years Later

On the 28th of February, 1945, American forces undertook an ambitious strike against the heart of the Axis powers. For Willow Run Bomber #42-51642 and her crew, it would be the last. The mission plan called for the entire 15th Air Force, based in southern Italy, to strike targets along the strategically important Brenner Pass […]

New Gallery Space at Yankee Air Museum

The Yankee Air Museum recently renovated former office space to expand our museum gallery with a dedicated space for artwork! The new Art Gallery opened in August, 2017, after eight months of work. The Art Gallery provides a quiet, reflective space in the Yankee Air Museum where guests can enjoy aviation, aerospace and history-themed artwork […]

The Big Dig – Construction Dollars and Pro-bono Services Needed!

 “The Big Dig” at Willow Run continues! This major infrastructure project is the first step to restoring full utility services to the building. When the main portion of the original facility was demolished, it left our preserved portion with no utilities. Basic services such as permanent electricity and lighting, a heating system, a fire suppression […]

Yankee Air Museum's Approaches Magazine

Our Biggest Issue of ‘Approaches’ Yet!

The Yankee Air Museums biannual publication, Approaches magazine, is hot off the presses, and this is the biggest issue yet! Approaches spotlights new exhibits and initiatives of the Yankee Air Museum, and follows the progress of the Campaign to save, preserve and renovate the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant to become the Museum’s future new home. And, each issue […]

Willow Run Memories – August 2017

Recent submissions to Willow Run Memories Project include a beautiful and touching vignette of a very young girl watching her big brother fly off to war in a B-24 bomber, the stories of a variety of workers at the Bomber plant who did everything from installing top-secret Norden bomb sights to managing air traffic in the […]

Announcing The Big Dig at Historic Willow Run

We are proud to announce the “Big Dig” at historic Willow Run! When we saved a portion of the World War II-era Willow Run Bomber Plant from demolition, our work had only just begun. When the main portion of the original facility was demolished, it left our preserved portion with no utilities. Basic services such […]

Two Ton Tessie: The Story of a Willow Run B-24 Bomber

From Glamor to Glory – Gloria Swanson was the ultimate Hollywood star. Beautiful and talented, she was the ultimate glamor girl of the silent film era. When she visited the Willow Run Bomber Plant in October of 1943, it was a very big deal. By the 1940s, Gloria Swanson had been replaced on the marquee by newer names, but […]

Workers at Abrams Aerial in Lansing during WWII

Willow Run Memories — February 2017

Recent submissions to Willow Run Memories Project tell the stories of a “Rosie the Riveter” who helped make the legendary top-secret Norden Bombsights on Willow Run’s B-24 Liberator bombers, local residents who housed and helped Willow Run’s pilots during WWII, GM Powertrain memories from the 1980s, and a young lady’s memories of Willow Run Airport. Click here to see ALL submissions […]

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