Donors: Thank You! Your Gifts are Preserving History for Generations to Come.


You are the reason the Yankee Air Museum will have a new home in a preserved portion of the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant!

The generous support of our thousands of donors allowed us to purchase the most visible piece of the Willow Run Bomber Plant. Your continuing support then provided the funds and construction work needed to enclose the building, re-roof a part of it, paint the exterior, enhance the structural support, and get it ready for our most critical year… 2017, when we will be bringing all the utility infrastructure back to the building. We thank you, our donors, for your support and invite you to follow our progress. Please continue your vital support, as we continue the restoration of this historic structure.

Our Donor Honor Roll includes all of our donors: individuals, foundations, corporations, and in-kind/pro-bono contractors and professionals.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our Save the Bomber Plant Donor Honor Roll, which includes gifts received through Michigan Aerospace Foundation and the Save the Bomber Plant Campaign through May 31, 2017 (for donors above $10,000) and December 31, 2015 (for donors below $10,000.) If we have made an error, please Click Here to contact us regarding any discrepancies. Asterisk(*) denotes pro-bono goods and services.

$1,000,000 to $1,999,999
General Motors Foundation
Michigan Economic Development Corporation

$500,000 to $999,999
David & Andrea Robertson
Hurst Foundation/Aeroquip/Anthony P. Hurst Family

$100,000 up to $499,999
Undisclosed Corporate Donor*
The Lloyd and Mabel Johnson Foundation
Robert L. Pilz
Richard and Jane Manoogian Foundation
Robert A. Lutz
Undisclosed Corporate Donor*
DTE Energy Foundation
The George F. Riley Foundation
The Seattle Foundation
Bidlack Creative Group*
Dr. John A. Clark

$50,000 to $99,999
Fleishman Hillard Company*
EQ Company*
Phoenix Contractors*
International Union of Painters & Allied Trades*
Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs
The C.E. & S. Foundation
Chris Aldridge
Ford Motor Company Fund

$10,000 to $49,999
Carl VanCurler Construction*
Jack Roush
Simon J. Baseley
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 252*
A.F. Smith Electric Inc.*
Lear Corporation
G&W Excavating*
Mike Levine
Plumbers Union Local 98*
Amb. Ronald W. Weiser
Undisclosed Corporate Donor*
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 58*
Christman Company*
Paul Koch Construction*
Albert Kahn Corporation*
Pan & Janice Wilson
Arch Environmental Group*
The Mosaic Foundation
Randy Hotton
John & Marilyn Rintamaki
Dennis & Carol Norton
David C Adams & Son Professional Surveyors*
Undisclosed Corporate Donor*
Amherst and Janeth Turner Foundation
Raymond & Stephanie Hunter
Deitz House Moving Company*
Behr Kilz Paint Corporation*
Ypsilanti Charter Township*
US Ecology Corporation*
Norman & Karen Ellickson
James S. Jackson
L. Jarmin Roach and Karl Copas*
TCF Bank Foundation
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Dale E. Burgess
Joseph and Ann Edwards
RCI Roofing*
Leslie Day
Michael J. Miller
Bank of Ann Arbor
Charles B. Cozadd Rotary Foundation
Al & Carol Metty
HD Supply*
William & Elizabeth Rands
David J. Ails*
The Glancy Foundation
Angelo Iafrate Construction*
Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss*
Heritage Landscaping*
Doan Companies*

Asterisk(*) denotes pro-bono goods and services.

(Donors in the following categories are current through December 31, 2015:)

$5,000 to $9,999
Erik and Linda Austin
Joseph and Mae Butcko
Detroit Public Television
Raymond LaFrey
2500 Lake in the Woods Blvd., LLC.
James Martin
The Millman, Harris, Romano Foundation
Stanley and Joyce Opfermann
Octavian Prundeanu and Janice Arps-Prundeanu
Patrick Ross
Robert Schrock and Sandra D. Williams
Louis and Judi Stanford
Raymond and Carrol Tidrow
Ypsilanti Area Convention-Visitors Bureau

$1,000 to $4,999
93rd Bombardment Group Association
Carl and Carol Akerlof
Armando and Sandra Alviani
James Anderson
Neil Anderson
Thomas and Nancy Angott
Francis and Caroline Annunziata
Jeffery Archer
Army Air Forces Historical Association
Roger Arnett
Diane and Paul Barrett
Peter Bauerle
John and Janice Bellefleur
Gene Bernat
Steve and Kelly Berner
Bruce Bertz
Richard Bingham
Eugene and Roselyn Blanchard
David Brandon
Donald Brasie
Mina Brewer
John and Josephine Busch
Rodney Byrne
California School Employees Association
David Cammack
Ernest and Kathleen Chinavare
John and Diane Chudyk
Harrison and Harriet Church
Citizens Bank
Jack and Mary Clark
Leonard and Marjorie Coiner
Thomas and Linda Collard
Community Fund of Michigan
Community Foundation
Eleanor Cosgray
Temple Cumiskey
Melvin Dailey
John Debbink
Maxine Dickson
John Dicky
Celebration DJ’s
Theodore Dombrowski
Sanford Dorf and Judy Kerns
James and Cathie Dries
Dorothy and Michel Duchesneau
James and Janice Dunmyer
Kent DuPont and Sandra B. DuPont
James Ellenberger
Fremont Ellickson
Lawrence Fallat
Rick and Martha Fansler
Patricia and Peter Fink
Daniel and Mae Foley
Andrew and Pamela Folgmann
Franklin Fong
Ford & Mercury Restorers Club of America
Fowler Organ Company
Jerry Frost
Charles and Sue Fullgraf
Robert and Nanette Galysh
Carrol and Jeannine Gleason
Frederick and Marsha Gore
Robert and Constance Gula
Steven Gunther
Robert Gustafson
Hagerty Management, LLC
William and Patricia Hanney
Mort and Brigitte Harris
James Hart
Jon Hartman
James Hatch
Kathie Headapohl
Henry and Stella Heatley
Dayton Herrington
Robert Heydon
John and Martha Hicks
Brian Higgins
Carl Hoheisel
Leigh Holland
Chris Holmes
Steven and Patricia Hooley
Gordon Hott
Robert and Karen Hott
Ralph Hotton
Ronald and Shirlie Huber
Gibson Hufstader
Scott and Margaret Hunter
Bob and Donna Huntley
Charles and Elaine Huntley
Robert and Patrick Hynes
ICAS Foundation
Darlene Imus
George and Katherine Jones
Michael and Susan Jurecki
Kalitta Air Employees
Mary Ann Kantrow
Ben-Gang Kao
Michael Karluk
Jerry Keene
Daniel Kenny
William and Mary Kinney
Bethany and A. William Klinke
David Klinkhammer
Ralph Koehler
David Krause
Karl Krause
Sarah Krein
Mary Krieger
Gabriel and Elizabeth Lada
Diane and Kevin Larsen
Joseph Lemieux
Allan Leonard
Frances Lewis
Jennifer Lobdell
Craig Lofgren
Bruce Loughry
Dorothy Martinek
Gary and Betty Masch
Keith and Carolyn Masserang
MacAllister Machinery Company, Inc.
McDonough & Associates
James McGibbon
William and Cynthia McPherson
Alan and Marylyn Meitzner
Hollis and Mary Merrick
Michael and Margret Miller
Peter Morris
Elroy Myers
Joseph Nash
National Christian Foundation
Duane Nelson
Ernest and Victoria Neville
Raymond Nickels
Stuart and Carolyn Nickerson
Mark Noel
Austin and Dorothy Norton
Perry Pernicano
Mark and Mary Perry
Vivian and Jack Phillips
William and Donna Polom
Michael and Marilyn Raatz
William and Elizabeth Rands
George and Mary Reasoner
Roseann and Richard Recchia
Patricia Redner
Bernard Ringwelski
Marlin Ristenbatt
Dario and Paula Robinson
Rocky Roll
John and Kandy Ronayne
Jack Rosenberg
Jeff Rule
Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
San Diego Foundation
Emma Schaening
Sherwood and Frances Schartner
Diane and Fred Schmid
Wm Ben Scott
Martha Seger
Robert and Joanne Shaw
Patricia Sherwood
Hal Shevers
Robert Shick
James Shilkett
Larry Silver
Law Offices of Eric V. Smith, PLC
Philip and Victoria Sotiroff
Adolph and Marilyn Speth
Thomas Stack
William Stapleton
Richard Steele
Charles and Jane Steigerwald
David Steiner
Richard and Jennifer Steiner
Alan Stewart
Richard Stewart
David Strickland
Margaret Strickland
Harry and Jacqueline Terpstra
Malcolm Terry
Keith Thobe
Deborah and John Tofil
Irma Torres
John and Nancy Toth
Raymond and Esther Travis
UAW Local 1268
UAW Local 898
Paul Van Der Hoeven
John Vander Ven
Raymond and Mary Wall
John Walter
Arthur Wehl
Clifford Weinan
West Liberty Information, LLC
Nancy Wheeler
Elizabeth White
Thomas and Laura Wiles
Willow Run Airport
Paul Wilson
William Winmill
James and Julia Wise
Mark and Narda Wishka
Eugene Wolfbauer
Douglas Wood and Kay Holsinger
J. and Joyce Woods
Robert Wurtz
Yankee Air Museum
Richard Zavodsky
Kristine Zvirbulis

$500 to $999
7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Company B
Marilyn Alexander
George Alter
Harry Anderson
Harry Anderson III
Karl Anderson
Paul Anderson
Ann Arbor American Chapter Harley Owners
Robert and Catherine Anthony
Louis Asmus
Nelson Babcock
Bianca Badia
Michael Bailey
J. Addison Bartush
Dennis Basierbe
Brad & Lydia Bates
James Beaudoin
James Behrendt
Robert and Janet Bennett
Christopher Bindel
Nancy Bliven
Dorothy and Kenneth Bloom
Richard and Candice Boyd
Jeffery Briggs
Lawrence Brissette and Susan Schmidt
Paul Brothers
Robert Browne
Gerald Buit
Stephen Burton
Gary Callendar
Daniel and Linda Chapman
Nancy Chwalik
Larry Clayton
Linda Clayton
Karl Clements
Robert and Blanche Clements
Patrick and Angela Colbeck
Carolinas Historic Aviation Commission
Elizabeth Cooney
Don Cramer
Lee Crandell
Paul Darling
Emily Day and Jeanette M. Carlson
John Dicky
Robert DiGangi
David and Patricia Distelrath
Lawrence and Frances Doe
Evelyn Doyle
Paul Draper
David Dubach
Duggan Manufacturing
Forest and Helen Durham
Marlene and John Dusbiber
John and Adelyne Dvorak
Thomas and Caia Dykman
Lorraine and Wallace Eagle
Robert Edgar
Paul and Karen Emanuelsen
Yvonne Fasold
John Finch
Larry Fink
Lennard Fisk
Jerome and Beth Forton
Larry and Carol Frederick
David and Catherine Freeman
Larry and Sandra Frincke
James Gallagher
Albert and Karen Gallup
Catherine and Edward Garcia-McDonnell
Gene and Elizabeth Gardella
Lee Gardner
Thomas Garthwaite
Ronald Gaynier
Stephen and Kathleen Gebarski
Robert Gilkey
James and Janet Gilkey
Don Gladstone
John Golderer
Gregory Gorecki
Robert Graham
George and Janet Green
Kevin Gromley and Nancy J. Scott
Karl Groth
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group
Steven Guenther
Carol and Steven Guenther
Kathryn Hannan
Robert Harrison
Marie Hausch
Orville and Evelyn Hoksch
Richard Horvitz
Bruce Hundley
Carol and Barry Hurst
Farris and Marcia Hurst
IBEW Local 252
James Janosko
Daniel and Dawn Jezowski
Mary Johnson
Daniel Katiba and Rebecca K. Midelton-Katiba
Ray Kemner
Karl Ketchum
The Plymouth Kiwanis Foundation
Robert and Susan Klemmer
John Kranig
George Kriss
Kenneth and Madeline Kwiatkowski
Louis Lambert
Scott Lantow
Kaye and Joan Larkin
Stephen and Ruth Larrabee
Michael Lilja
Star Lincoln
Jeffery and Barbara Lissi
Marie Littler
Mary and Lawrence Lockhart
J. Thomas and Laura Loncala
James Maleski
Darold Manley
Robert Manos
Michael Marinelli
Ronald and Lois McIntyre
Merlin McKone
David and Jacqueline Mente
Kevin Michaels
Michigan Coast to Coast Tool and Die Collaborative
Milan Dragway
Lawrence Miller
Nancy and George Milligan
Janet Morosco
David Morris
Charles and Penelope Morris
Robert and Verna Moultrie
Kenneth and Brenda Mullins
Randal and M. Murphy
Kenneth Murray
George Nicols
Lloyd Nosworthy
Grant and Jean Ohlson
Robert Oliver
Peter Orum
Wilfredo Perez
Perspective Shifts LLC
James Peters, Jr.
Jane Peterson
Friends of Plymouth Library
Evan Pratt
Peter Prechel IV
Kirk Profit
Robert and Kathie Putnam
Robert Quinn
Lynn Raade
Richard and Karen Rabeler
Clarence Rahn
Red Rock Downtown Barbecue
Anita Reichling
Richard and Ella Reinhard
Lisa and Damian Robertiello
Ziemowit and Halina Romanski
Warren Rose
Ronald and April Rossmann
Howard Rundell
Carolyn and Frances Rybo
Charles Safley
Peter and Anita Sandretto
Don Schiemann
Frederick and Sharon Schmidt
Karl and Kathryn Schroeder
John Schubert
Renee Schuck
Grant and Constance Schwartz
William Sears
Susan Seger
Lee and Doris Shafer
Bobby and Rosalie Shaffer
Harold and Sandra Shevers
Gregory Shimko
Rodney Sieb
Bruce Siegan
David Siemieniak
Alan Smith
Dana Smith
Luinda Smith
Daniel and Barbara Smith
Shelly Smyth
Ben Song
Donald and Joanne Speyer
Claudette Stern
Tom and Jill Stevens
Sandra Stewart
Nicholas Stone
Ellsworth and Mary Stout
Darrel and Betty Suhre
Alan and Lori Summer
General Dynamics Land Systems
David Tarrant
Robert Tatlak
Donald and Jean Thiel
Meg Thilmany
Aleda Thomas
Margaret and James Thompson
Deborah and Michael Tirico
John and Nancy Truxell
Pat Twitchell
James Van Tiflin
Charles and Ellen Vander Roest
JoAnna VanVleet
V.F.W. Graf-O’Hara Post No. 423
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 310
William Wade
Kenneth and Franchon Wagner
Edward and Patricia Wahtera
James and Doris Walker
Susan Waters
Walter Weber
Barbara and Norman Weber
Martha Wellman
Jack Westbrooks
Scott and Angela Westover
Bea Willeumier
Bill Williams
James Williams
Thomas Wilson
Russell Woinowsk
Susan Bond Wolfe Architects, Inc.
Kevin and Judith Woods
Ypsilanti Heritage Foundation
Joseph Zalac, Jr.
John and Katherine Zitter

$100 to $499
12th South Carolina/4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry
Russell Abrams
Cheryl and Sidney Ackerman
Jeffery Adams
Jerroll Adams
John Adams
Anne Adams and Margaret Adams Hunter
Anthony and Sue Adamski
Raymond and Nancy Adamski
Megan Adamson
Mitchell Adelman
John and Dorothy Adriance
Antero and Janet Afonso
Oscar and Joanne Alber
Grant and Nancy Alberts
Robert Albinder
Alexander Arts
Dennis Allmendinger
Emil and Stella Allstead
Aluminum Supply Co. Inc.
Joe and Judy Amend
Michael Ammann
Lawrence and Martha Amprim
Clint Andera
Bill Anderson
Joanne Anderson
Kenneth Anderson
Robert Anderson
Clifton Andrews
Jo Ann Andrews
Peter and Lila Angelini
Ann Arbor District Library
Marie and William Appleberry
Michael Appleby
Jeffrey Archambault
Randal and Susan Armour
Lawrence and Mary Arnett
Arnold Family Foundation
Kimberly and David Ascher
Richard Ashbach
Stephanie Ashton
ASM International-Detroit
Matt Assenmacher
Paul and Barbara Atkinson
Max Atteberry
Charles and Deanna Aughenbaugh
Thomas Augustine
Laura Avery
John Awood
Ron Ayotte
Alex Azary
John Azzolini and Anne E. Clotfelter
Dena Bachman
Eunice Bacon-Chapman
Edward Baetzold and Kelly A. Keating
James Bago
Natalie Baird
Gary Baker
Mark and Elaine Baker
Daniel and Barbara Balbach
David Baldwin
William and Joan Ballantyne
Astoria Bank
Thomas and Laura Baptist
Mark Barbey
Robert Barden
Dena Barisano
Sue Barker
David Barnes and Deborah Ladenheim
Glenn Barnier
Kurt Baron
John and Marlene Barr
Mary Barry-Cybulski and Joseph M. Cybulski
John and Lorraine Barry
Lawrence and Joy Bartell
Chary and Tony Bartolomeu
Jerome and Jean Barton
David Bates
Newton Bates
Hobart and Valerie Bates
Frances and Daniel Batko
Ted Battersby
Howard Bauer
Simon Baughman
Joe Baum
Darryl and Bonnie Bauman
Fred and Nancy Baumgartner
Peter Baxter
Darrell Bazman
Michael Beach
Dennis Beagen
Glenn Beal
Colleen and Michael Bean
Grant and Linda Beard
Alison Beatty
David Beatty
Fred Becchetti
James Beck
Bryan Becker
Robert Becker
Lori and Edward Bednarik
Patricia and Bryan Beech
Dirk Beekman
Christopher and Nancy Beeler
Bob Begole
David Behen
Dale Behler
Thomas Behrmann
Karen and Thomas Bejin
Jane Bellezza-Dziurda
Stephanie Belovich
Sharon Bender
Anthony and Barbara Benedict
Charles Bentley
Judith and James Bentley
William Beppler
Judith Beras
Joseph Berg
William and Judith Berk
Aislinn Berrich
Darcy Bertelmann
Christopher and Linda Bessert
Lindsay Bessick
Thelma Betterly
Irene and Brad Betz
Carol Bevard
Christopher Bidlack
Steven and Nancy Bielak
Leonard and Elizabeth Bielat
Ralph Bielawski
Peter Bielskis
Michelle and Stanley Bies
William Bilk
Kevin Bill
David Billingsley
Charles and Pamella Binder
Rosa Bird
Paul and Laura Bird
Frederick and Jean Birkhill
David Biskner
Patrick and Sandra Bisson
Frank and Kathleen Bitonti
Frederick Bivins
Angela Black
Derek Blair
Jean Blair
Larry and Diane Blair
Rochelle Blakam and James Owens
Darryl Blanchong
Colin Blatherwick
Rosalee Bleecker
Rene Bloomer
Robert Bogigian
Conrad and Priscilla Boginski
Kenneth and Barbara Bol
John and Maigualida Boll
Deborah Bolton
James Bonado
Steve Bontempo
Colin Bonus
Wayne and Sidney Bonvallet
David Boprie and Martha L. Kern-Boprie
William Bordeleau
Trina Borenstein
Gary and Pamela Borgquist
Sam Bornstein
Ron Borr and Ro Borr
Jeff Boulton
Rob Bovitz
John Bowden
Byron Bowen
Glenn Bowman
William Bowman
Jay Boyle
Timothy Boyle
John and Marlis Brady
Timothy and Bernadette Brady
Donald Braekevelt
Nancy Brama
Patricia Brand
David Braslau
George Brata
Theophil and Dolores Bratta
Denise Braun-Johnson
James Breisch
Christopher Brenner
Robert Brewer
Walter Breymaier
Mike Bridges
Donna Brigman
Frederick Brinker
Keith and Connie Brinkerhoff
Janette Bristow
Harry Brockmiller
Amy Broglin-Peterson
Elizabeth Brooks
Keith Brooks
Wendy and Scott Broshar
Gary Brossett
Daniel Brown
Earl Brown
Jeremy Brown
Robert Brown
Sherry Brown
Suzanne Brown
Gary and Diane Brown
James and Sherry Brown
John and Lynnda Brown
Richard and Sharon Brown
William and Nancy Brown
Richard Browne
Brownstown Police Officers Assoc.
Jesse Bruce, Jr.
Robert Bruining
Tim Brunett
Richard Bruning
Bruce Brussell
Kevin and Jennifer Buchman
Sandra Buck
Richard and Julia Buck
William Buckley
H. Michael Buhler
Frances Bull
James Bur
Susan and Raymond Buratto
Robert Burdge
Mary and Thomas Burkett
John Burman
Christopher and Susan Burns
Nancy Burns and Scott Zeleznik
Dennis Burr
Bruce and Barbara Burton
Geof Bush
Kevin Bush
Nancy Butka
William Butler
Albert Butzel
Becky Byrne
David Cain
Gregory Cain
Donald and Adair Calder
Robert Caldwell
Michael Calice
Burt Calkins
Ronald Callahan
Ronald Camillo
Margaret Camp
George and Dale Camp
Cassie Campbell
Dale Campbell
Linda Campbell
Fergus and Agnes Campbell
John and Alma Campbell
Michael and Susan Campbell
William and Julie Campbell
Edward and Sharie Cannon
Ronald Cantin and Marilyn K. Popyk
Loretta and James Carbone
Timothy Carey
Barbara Carlson
Steve Carlson
Pola and Ray Carlson
Herman Carney
Rory Carpenter
Robert Carrigan
Thomas Carroll
Craig and Svitlana Carson
Doreen Carter
Susan Carter
Vincent and Barbara Caruso
Stephen Case
Jack Casey
Peter Cash
Karen Casmer
Paul Cassatt
Anne Cassidy
Matthew Castanier
Kenneth Castle
Clive Catchpole
John Catello
Robin and Daniel Caterina
Jane and James Cather
Lawrence and Cynthia Cattran
Salvatore Cavallaro
Martin and Sally Cayley
Richard Celotto
Eagle Flight Center
James Centner, Jr.
Harold Ceronsky
Sheldon and Gloria Chandler
Bryan and Peggy Chaney
Kenneth Chapin
Larry Chase
Ken Check
James Chesney
Chevrolet Club of America Lower Michigan Region
Davoren Chick
Richard Chikami and Arlene M. Kageyama
Michael Childs
Mark Chiolis
Patrice Chishom
Rudy Chmelar
Drew Chmura
Louis and Karen Christensen
Marilyn Christenson
Sally and James Christian
Don Christopher
Harold Chubbs
Grace Lutheran Church
Peter Church
C I M Solutions & Networking
Linda Cinader
Jeffery Clark
Paul Clark
Edwin Clarke
Classic Auto Restorers Society
Gary Claudio
Andre Clauss
Shane Clayton
John Clemens
Michael Clemente
Royal and Ruth Clippert
Daniel Clisham
Cloudbusters Model Airplane Club
Mary Clough
Ypsilanti Rotary Club
William Clune
Karen Cobb
Friends of Patrick Colbeck & Our American Heritage
Patricia Cole and James R. Preston, Jr.
Douglas Collard
Robert Collins
Roger Collins
Anthony Comazzi
Joseph Comps
Maryann and David Compton
Leonie and Edward Condon
Robert Cone
Katherine Conen
Duane Conklin
Brad Connell
Kathleen Connor
Joan Connors
Nick and Susanne Consiglio
Ellis Coombs
Alvine Cooper
Noah and Alyssa Cope
Dennis Copenhaver
Barbara and David Copi
Leland Corkran
Tom Cornillie
Citgo Petroleum Corp
Christos Cosfol
Raymond Cousino
Thomas Cover
John and Marcia Covert
Howard Cox
Matthew Cox
Tammy Coxen
Charles Cozier Jr.
Charles and Eileen Cozier
Marjorie Cramer
Cheryl Crandell
Gary Crane
James Craven
Patricia Creed
Cribley Drilling Co. Inc.
Michael Croissant
Richard and Nancy Crosby
Donald Crossman
Victoria Croston
Harold Croswell
Constance Crump and Jay Simrod
Raymond Cryderman
Michael and Jane Cuba
John Cudahy
Tim Culbreth
Joan Cullip
Robert Culmer
Gene and Ruth Curry
Peggy Curtis
Paul and Donna Cusano
Joseph and Jacqueline D’Anna
Mark Dabran
Claire and John Dahl
Gretchen Damm
Tony and Anna Daniels
Carol Darby
Michael Darga
James and Zeffa Darling
Steven and Jacqueline Darr
Frank Dasta
Deborah Davies
Michael Davis
Stephen Davis
Teri Davis
Thomas Davis
John and Mary Davis
William and Judith Davis
Brian Dawes
James Dawes
Lisa Dawson
Paul Dawson
Kelly de Lange
Mike Dean
Nancy Dean
H. C. Dean & Son, Inc.
Nelson Deane
David DeBace
Pete Deblasi
Diane DeBoer
Donna DeButts
Anthony DeCarlo
Brian Dee
Daniel Deeds
Walter Deere
John and Eleanor Defever
Robert Degenhart
Brian and Barbara Deland
John and Mary Delcamp
Louis and Corinne DelHomme
Peter DeLoof
Dennis Delprato
James and Linda Demmer
James and Jane Dempsey
Timothy Deneve
Joseph and Paula Denton
Michael Deorion
Marcel and Patricia DePoorter
Dorothy Deremo
Christine Derksen
Richard and Barbara Dew
D & F Fabrication, Inc.
John Dicky
Robert Diedrich
Albert and Marilyn Dietrich
Paul Difflipp
Diane Dignan
David and Sue Dinger
Alison Dittmeier
David and Sally Dixon
Dwight Dixon and Marsha E. Vern-Dixon
Greg Dodds
John Dodds
Juddy Doi
Kathryn Doig
Thomas Dolnicek
Shawn Donnelly
Jerry Donselman
Michael Dosch
E. Douvan
Charles Downer
Eric Downie
Downriver Civic Foundation
Richard Downs
George and Carol Doyle
Harold Drake
Andrew Draper
Monika Dressler
Shelley Drew
John Drews
Gretchen Driskell
Kerry Drone
Judith Dryden
Dennis and Patricia Ducher
Rosemary Duckworth
Mary Duffy
Peter Dugdale
Roy and Nancy Duhadway
James and Janet Dungan
James Dunn
Stacy and Thomas Dunning
Dorothy Dupuy
Clifford and Patricia Durand
Tom and Donnie Durant
Mary Lou Durbin
Colleen Dwenger
Elsie Dyke
Charles Dysarz
Todd and Juliane Dziobak
EAA Chapter 252
EAA Chapter 302
Daniel Earle
Frederick Eaton
Jacob and Doris Ebertz
Richard Eccleston
Barb Ecclestone
David and Margaret Eden
William Edwards
Douglas and Helen Edwards
Janet Egeler
Glenn and Myrtle Eisenbrandt
Palen and Carroll Elder
Anthony Eliassen
John and Margaret Elliott
Guy Elsenheimer
Robert and Mary Elton
Charles and Nancy Engelbrecht
Larry and Mary Engelhardt
Society of Automotive Engineers
Michigan Antique Fire Equipment
Christine Erickson
William Ericson
Inta Ertal and Paul Y. Ertel
Deborah Ervin
Mary Eschman
Jennifer Eshelman
Mark Estabrook
William Esterline, M.D.
Estimating Services, Inc.
Henry Evans
Joseph and Madelaine Evans
Robert and Sara Evans
Paul Fabien
Arlene Fabrizio
Richard and Roslyn Fabry
Karen and Roger Facer
Michael and Nancy Faems
Cheryl Farmer
John Carl Faust
David Favero
Kathleen Fay
Julius Fazekas
Vickie Fazio
Arthur Fediuk
John and Joan Feldvary
Edward and Geraldine Fencyk
William and Wanda Ferguson
Ronald and Sylvia Ferschman
Marion Ferszt
Joseph and Joan Feskanin
Mary Fettes
James and Darlene Feustel
Barbara and Walter Figurski
Robert Filimon
Dorothy Fillinger
Kenneth and Valerie Fillinger
James Finch
Raymond Fink
Peter and Lori Finn
Fiscal Associates, Inc.
David Fischer
Helen Fischer
James Fisher
Steve Fisher
Thomas and Patrice Fisher
Truman and Anna Fisher
Gerritt Fitzgerald and Joanne E. Ross
Rebecca Fitzhugh
John Fitzpatrick
Five Star Electric Corp.
Darleen Flaherty
Kevin Flannery
Jon Fleck
Daniel Fletcher
Douglas Flint
Bruce Florsheim
Kenneth Flynn
William Follmer
Gordon and Christine Ford
E. Clark Forrest, Jr.
Anne Fortino
Beth Forton
David Foster
Richard Foster
Elaine Found
James Fowler
Lynne Fowlkes
Harry Frank
Jane Frank
Jeff Frank
Steven and Lillian Frank
Ruth Ann Fraser
Tom and Catherine Freeman
Elizabeth Fretz
Harry Friedman
Michael Friendship
Christopher Froedtert
Melissa Frutos
James and Jan Fry
Martin Frye
Nancy Frye
Martin and Linda Frye
Fund Raising Strategies, Inc.
Elmer Funderburk
William and Ann Furtwangler
John Fyfe, Jr. and Julie A. Frost
Eric Gaasland
Elizabeth and Peter Gaecke
Dan and Betty Gaffney
Victor and Nancy Gagnon
Sam Galanis
Mark Gall
Patricia Gallagher
Leslie Gallay
Daniel Galysh
Paul Ganz
Robert Ganz
Sandra Garber
Ramon and George Garcia
Robert Gardner
Paul Garvey
Donalee Gatton
John Gault
Raymond Gauthier
Phillip Gawel
James Gawne
Jack Gayney
Carolyn Geda
Glenn Gehrke
John Geiser
John Geisler
Cathy Gentry
Michael Gerdenich and Ina Hanel-Gerdenich
Karen and Robert Gerick
Tina Gerlach
Victor and Marilyn Geyer
David Gidley
Larry and Kathleen Gilbert
James Giles
James Girdis
Thomas Glass
Richard Gleichauf
James and Rachel Glick
James and Patricia Glinski
Kathleen and Roger Glynn
Leigh Goddard
Susan Goddard
JanAnn Godek
Kathy Golberg
William Goldberg
Steven and Stephanie Goldner
Robert Goldsmith
Albert and Anita Goldstein
James Goodsman
Robert Goolesby
Robert Gordon
Aaron Goss and Ingrid M. Hanson
Linda and John Gosselin
Donna Gotts
Roger Gouldstone
Marla Gousseff
Eugene and Lynne Graber
Daniel and Margaret Grady
Jennifer Graf
Paul and Martha Graf
James Graham
Christine Gram
Dan Grande
David and Marilyn Granner
James Grant
John and Dorothy Grant
David and Madonna Grapentine
William Grasha
Michael and Pamela Graves
Philip and Martha Gray
Gerald and Jan Greashaber
Mark Greene
Steven Greene
Eugene Greenstein
Renee Gregory
Leanne Griffin
Thomas Grimm
Victory Wholesale Grocers
Bruce Gronbeck
Cheryl Groncki
Frederic and Margaret Gruber
John and Marilyn Grudzien
Gerald and Barbara Gruska
Paul Grzebik
Jeffrey Gualco
George and Cecilia Gunlock
William Gunn
James and Laura Gurd
Jeannette Gutierrez
Armando and Mayra Gutierrez
John Guzik
Major Gwyllt
Wilber Haack
Randall and Helen Haas
Paul Hack
Kenneth Hafeli
Kenneth and Harriette Hafer
Robert Hagemann
Jada Hahlbrock
Kelli and Sam Haidle
Dennis Hake
Neugene Hall
David and Christine Hall
Sally Hallen
Lynn Halton
Virginia Hamby
David Hamilton and Karen L. Garlough
Frank Hammer
Perry Hammons
James and Janice Hanlon
Brian Hanney
Georgette Hansen
Jeff Hansen
Nathaniel Hansen
William Hansen
Noel and Shelley Hansen
Micheal and Audrey Hanzlian
Peter Harbeck
Cynthia and Norman Harbin
Steven and Vicky Harder
Wendy Harless
Edward Haroutunian
Maynard Harris
Brian Harrison
Donna Hart
Jeffery and Sheri Hartlep
Gregory Hartman
Ralph and Shuk Hartshorn
Clark Hartzel
Steven Haskell
Donald Hasselbring
Michael Hatala
Suzan and John Hatch
Kenneth Hauser
Richard Hauser and Elaine H. Nichols
Margaret Hawke
Gary and Shirley Hawks
Barbara Hayes
Cindy K Hayward
Robert Head
Ronald Heames
Cynthia Heberlein
Eric Heestand
Jordan Hegyi
Frederick Heller
Richard and Dominica Helmick
Dean Hemphill
Steven Henderson
Dennis Hennessey
James and Sueann Henry
Kenneth Herbort
Katherine Herndon
Ralph and Irene Hickey
Patricia Hicks
Steven and Linda Hicks
Frederick Higdon
Nazih Hijaouy
Robert and Dianna Hinderer
Frederick Hindley, Jr.
Beryle and Claire Hines
Mikio Hiraga
Cecelia Hissong-Kruger
Jonathan Hitchcock
Lawrence Hoelscher
Bev Hoerauf
Tim and Beverly Hoerauf
David Hoffa
Jeffrey Hoffman
Janice Hofschulte
Daniel Hogan
Raymond and Peggy Holcomb
Claudia Holmes
Rebecca Holmes
Nicholas Holt
Mark Homer
Christine Hong
Danielle Hoover
Ryan Hoover
William and Claudia Horne
George and Linda Hoster
Egbert and Caroline House
Arthur Howard
James and Susan Howard
Marie and Arthur Howard
David Howarth
Mary and David Howarth
Mildred and Ivan Howell
Mary Howley-Visel and Richard J. Visel, Jr
David and Gail Huck
Walter and Drucilla Huddleston
Alan Hudson
Warren Huff
Linda Huffenberger
Richard Hughes
Aaron Hula
Suzanne and James Hulteen
John Humphris
David Hunsche
George Hunt
Sandy Hunt
Frederick and Carole Hunter
Douglas and Shirley Hurcomb
Tina Hurley
Paul and Lora Hurley
Barry Hurst
Norma and Daryl Hurst
Huron Valley Sunrise Lions Club
Raymnd and Laura Hutchinson
Don Hutter
IBM International Foundation
Frank Imler
Virginia Ingling
Matthew Insley
Integrity Applications Inc.
Sherry Irvine
Kazuhiko Ishii
Calvin Isselhadt
Ronald Itnyre and Alisa Clapp-Itnyre
Thomas Ivacko
John and Sharon Iverson
Richard and Douglas Jablonski
Frank and Norine Jachym
Franklin Jackes
Laura Jacks
Charles Jackson
Harold Jackson, Jr.
Susan Jackson
William Jackson
M.B. Jag, Incorporated
Russell Jalbert
Ann Jambor
Robert James
Emet and Betty James
Gregory Janssen
William and Diane Jara
Theodore Jarsocrak
Alexander Jefferson
Jeanine Jeffrey
Richard Jenkins
Rachel Jennings
Robert and Sally Jensen
Robert Jesko
Clayton Johns
Barry Johnson
Elaine Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Rex Johnson
Valerie Johnson
Christine and Bruce Johnson
Johnson & Johnson
Merle and Deborah Johnson
James Johnston
Kathleen and Richard Johnston
William Jolley
Donald Jones
John Jones
Kay Jones
Richard Jones
K.C. Jones Plating Co.
Renee Jordan
Kelly and Douglas Jost
James Jovanelly
Michael and Kelly Joy
Joseph Joyner
The J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation
Judy Judd
Mike Kabat
Carol Rose Kahn
Pete Kalgreen
Francis Kalinowski
Gary Kalpinski
Julie Kaminski
Addison Kammer
James Kampmann
Kenneth Kanaby
Jerry Kapitz
Mark Kappe
Dinkar Karanth and Radha A. Holla
David Karas
Gerald and Catherine Karasinski
Brian Karl
Ted Karmazin
Roger Katakowski
Jeremy Katz
Brian Kauffman
Kiwanis Club of Dearborn, Inc.
Kiwanis Club of Colonial Plymouth
Paul Kawsky
Diane Kay
Robert Kay
Art and Geraldine Kay
John Kazickas
Kathleen Keeley and Mark A. Maher
Cheryl Kehrer
Carole Keller
William Keller
Jeanette Kelley
Donald and Donna Kelley
Michael and Cheryl Kellner
Matthew Kelly
Larry and Eleanor Kelsch
Julie Kelsey
Peter Kempf
Anne and Brian Kennedy
Eugene and Rose Kennedy
Maureen and Bill Kennelly
Kentucky Blue Grass Chapter of the Ninety Nine
John Kern
Manish Kesliker
John Kessler
Alan Kevwitch
Jeffrey and Barbara Key
Brent and Rachel Keyes
KeyW Community Connection
Fazal and Jamal Khan
Brian and Margaret Kidston
Frederick and Martha Kiener
Gregory Kilpatrick
Richard and Gail Kimball
Andrew Kimmet
James and Catherine Kimmet
Allen King
Gary King
Margaret King
Janith Kirby
Matthew Kiriazis
Leroy Kirk
Michael Kirk
Art Kitze
Linda and Alan Klais
Diana Klapakis
John and Elaine Klein
Kenneth and Frances Klemczewski
Patricia and W. Gerald Kline
James Kluck
Kevin Knapp
Kim and Sandra Knaup
James and Gail Knight
Jack Knowles
Theresa and John Knox
Jim Kocsis
Donald Kogut
William and Margaret Kohn
George and Carolyn Kokalis
William Kolasa
Bob Konupek
Robin Korb
Lynn Koretz
Wayne and Irene Korich
Susan Kornfield and Peter G. Coggan
William Kornrumpf
Dimitri Kosacheff
Joseph Kosek and Gloria J. Haaper
Dwight Koslowski
Kim Kostich
Catherine and Gary Kostlan
John and Bettie Kovacs
Henry and Geraldine Kowalewski
James and Barbara Kowalski
K. S. Kowalsky
Kevin Kozole
Pamela and Robert Kramer
Marsha Kraycir
Graham Kreicker
Paul Kress
Louis Kretz
Philip and Denise Krupa
Robert Kruse
John Krzewinski and Joan Melanie DeSouza
Beverly Kuhn
Lance Kuhn
Donald Kultgen
Henry Kumon
Kevin Kuney and Suzanne M. Misiaszek
Helen Kurkowski
Harry Kurrie
Anthony and Valentine Kwilos
Mariclaire La Forte
James Lake
Betty Lamanen
Ronald Lamarand
David LaMoreaux
Mary LaMoreaux
Lee and Teddi Landes
Walter Lane
David and Deloryes Langdon
Eric and Billie Lange
Ralph Lange and L. D. Rice
Rick Lanx and Nancy Fox
Michelle Lapierre
Jeffery Lapinski and Beverly J. Bonning
Edrei Larkin
Curtis Larson
Richard and Mary Larson
John LaSelle
Richard Laske
Donald Last
Glenn Latinen
Kim and Marian Latvala
Jeffery and Barbara Laufer
Marian Laughlin
John Lauve
John Lavender
Janette Lawhorn
John Lawson
Fred Lea
Lois and Greg LeBlanc
Kenneth Lebo
James and Barbara Ledbetter
Douglas Lee
John and Michael Lee
James Lefevre
Sanne Legier
Charles Lehman
Edward Leland
Robert and Janet Lennahan
Brian Leslie
Glen and Sharon Lesperance
Frederick Levantrosser
Jessica Levine
Barry and Carole Levine
George Lewis
Alfred Lewis and Lauren R. Gould
Clifford and Cheryl Lewis
Alex Leydenfrost
Jeffery and Pamela Liederbach
Parsla Liepa
Eddy Likes
David Lilly
John and Kaye Lindauer
Darlene Liss
Donald Livingston
Dorothy and Earl Loeffler
Gregory Loescher
Diane Lofquist
Bettina Longaker
Thomas Longworth and Carol A. Cramer
Marcel and Mary Loosbrock
Robert and Denise Lorey
Jack Lousma
Claudia Louwsma
H. and F. Love
David Tate, CPA, Ltd.
Katy Lubahn
Stephane Lubin
Bernard Lucas
John Lucas
Earl and Teresa Ludwig
Shirley Lukomski
David Luther
Michael Lutz
Jeffery and Paula Lyall
Wayne Lybeck
Marjorie Lynn
Dean and Carol Lyons
Robert and Janet Lyons
Thomas Maas
David and Kathleen Maas
Reno and Rebecca Maccardini
John and Marisa MacInnis
Donald Mack
Jennifer Mack
John Mack
Ian Mackay
Trent and Andrea MacKay
Oak Mackey
Randall Mackey
James MacKinnon
Cynthia and Daniel Mackler
Elizabeth MacNaughton
Phyllis MacPhee
Tonda and Philip Macy
Harry and Carol Madison
Richard Maisonville
Eugene and Gloria Majetic
Marianne Malarkey
Rose Maldonado
Michael and Adrienne Malley
William and Mary Manchester
Joyce Mancuso
Kenneth Manelski
Mario Maraldo
Michelle Marcero
Joseph and Barbara Marconi
Shirley Marcus
Carol Margiotta
Susan and Leonardo Mariani
Donn Marinovich
Barbara Mark
Timothy Markel
Charlene Maroni
Ryan Marrs
Dawn Marsal-Wallin
Marsal Family Foundation
Ronald and Carol Marshall
Dorothy Martin
Mark Martin
Shane Martin
Thomas Martin
Martin and Patricia Martinsky
Hideto Mashio
Christophe Masiero
Robert and Emma Mason
Dan Massey
Judith and George Massingill
Carter Masteller
Jason Mateo
Kathryn and John Mathey
Gerald Matthews
Sharon and Thomas Matz
Patrick and Mary Maughan
Rosemary Maul
Lisa May
Kenneth and Jeanne May
David Mayfield
Irene and Frank Maza
Joseph and Barbara McAllister
Leo McArthur
Marta McCabe
Kevin McCaffery
David and Dianne McCagg
Heather McCaig
Scott McCartney
John McCarty and Mary K. Prentkowski
Betty McClain
Jackie and Barbara McClellan
Randolph McClure
Monica McCluskey and Richard D. Kenneth
John McCool
Jimmy McCoy
Marcia and Robert McCrary
Irmgard McCurley
James McEwan
Joe McFarland
Diane McGann
Charles McGill
Ann and John McGillicuddy
Patrick McGlynn
John and Mary McGrail
Laura McGuffin
Eva McGuire
Robert McHugh
Ian McIsaac
Jerry McKay
Donald and Ilene McKay
Wilbert and Virginia McKeachie
Brian and Pamela McKean
John McKeehan
Richard and Marie McKenna
Mike McKenzie
Richard McLain
Teresa McMahon
Deb and Pat McMahon
John and Marilee McSweeny
John McWilliams
Nancy Meagher
George and Kathleen Mechem
Thomas Medland
Alana Meeker
Daniel Mehall and Carrie M. Swift
James and Verna Meinershagen
William Melnyk
Nancy Melzer
Cristal Mena
Jack and Karen Mercer
Blanche Mericle
Russell and Carol Merritt
Debra Meservey
Nancy and Joseph Messana
Don Messing
Gary and Amelia Metelak
Randall Metz
John Metzger
Carol Meyer
Dawn Meyer
Donald and Judith Meyer
John Meyland
Frank Mezo
Joseph Michalak
Machining Center Inc.
Richard and Jeanne Micka
Margaret Middleton
William Middleton
Herbert Mieras
Louise Milas
Alicia Miller
Edward Miller
Karen Miller
Michael Miller
Robert Miller
Calvin and Linda Miller
Dale and Albina Miller
Evelyn and Ralph Miller
Herman and Dorothy Miller
Merrill and Jeanne Miller
Raymond Miller and
Alma E. Powell
Rod Miller and Darcy Bertelmann
William Milliken
Louise Mills
Dennis Milnes
Audrey Minick
Ester and Jack Minzey
Laura Mirro
Jeffery Mitchell
Caroline Mitchell and
Paul H. Falon
Leah Mitteer
Mobil Retiree Matching Gifts
Stephen and Wanpen Modell
David and Ann Moffat
Carol Mohrlock
Janet and Kim Moilanen
Michael Monicatti
Bruce Monroe
Don and Janet Monroe
Martin Monte
Hugh Montgomery, Jr.
Michael Montgomery
James Moore
Scott Moore
Henry and Audrey Moore
William and Muriel Moore
Charles Morford
Dara Morgan
Gary and Linda Morgan
Jack and Mary Morgan
Robert and Jayne Morgan
Morningstar, Inc.
James Moro
Andrew Morrill
Ralph Morrison
Kevin Moshier
Robert and Debra Most
Kevin Mount
William Mower
Terri Mucciante
Thomas Mueller and Leslie M. Bloom
Ted and Judy Mull
Terry Munroe
Michael Murphy
James Murray
Sarah Murrell
Wurtsmith Air Museum
Robert Myers
Robert Myyra
Gordon Nagel
Charles Nalbandian
Pam Nalefski
Jerry Navratil
Louisville Chapter of NAWIC
David Naylor
Frederick Neinas
Eric Neitzel
Christopher Nelson
Richard Nelson
Kenneth and Parise Nelson
David and Theresa Nestorak
David Neville
Todd and Lori Newberger
James Newbound
Robert Newell
James and Mary Newhouse
David Newman
Robert Neyer
Ben Nguyen
James Nicholls
Milton Nichols
Phillip Nichols
Ronald Nickerson
Susan Nied
William Niehaus
Bendt and Lois Nielsen
Katharine Nieman
Richard and Nancy Niethammer
Louis Nigro
Nims Precision Machining, Inc.
Robert Nishimura
Richard Noble
George and Dolores Noble
Robert Nobles
Richard Noetzel
Ken Nolan
Sarah and Larry Nooden
Charles Norris
John North
Tammy Northrup
Carol Norton
Cynthia Norton
Joseph and Ann Novajovsky
Michael Novak
Patty Novak
Gary Nowakowski
Mose and Marcia Nowland
Frederick and M. Nunnold
Arthur Nusbaum
Mark O’Boyle
Bridget O’Brien-Mitchell and Jeffery S. Mitchell
Thomas and Alice O’Bryan
Ann Marie O’Connell
Brian O’Connor
Jim and Maureen O’Connor
Molly O’Malley
John O’Neil
Oakleaf Model A Restorers Club
Robert Oates
John and Deb Oberpeul
Aaron Obitz
Ronald Oblander
Eric Ochs
Jim Oder
James and Diane Odil
Donald and Katherine Oehring
Ellen Offen
Lawrence and Irene Ogden
Norbert and Loretta Okoniewski
Daniel Olah
John Oliver
Donovan Olsen
Paul Olsen
Helen Olson
Harvey Organek
Orzel Fire Sprinkler Co.
Michael Ott
Marilyn Otten
James Ouillette
Roger Ousnamer
Steven Overway
John and Janice Pacente
Daniel and Lena Packer
Lis Pacsai
Richard Pagac
Gordon Page
Larry Pakieser
Joseph and Mary Palazzolo
Robert Palmer
Donald Papp and Susan J. Henterly
Julie Paquette
Kelly Air Park
Karen Parker
Lacy Parker
Carla Parkes
Donna Parmelee and William Nolting
Matthew and Tisha Parrott
Leslie Parsels
Gloria Parsons and Robert E. Oswell
Mark Parthum
Ed and Susan Pashukewich
Kenneth Passiak
Mary and Claude Patalidis
Manu Patel
Laurence and Mary A. Peterno
Lynne Patten
Ralph Paul
Don Paulsell
Daniel Paulus
Kay Paupore
Richard Pawlowski
Joseph and Cindy Pawyl
Philip Paxton
Susan Peacor
Kathy Rendel Peipert
John Peirce
Jack Pelon
Robert Pepper
Reinaldo Perez
George and Lois Perrault
Garey and Sandra Perry
Barbara Peters
Robert and Judith Peters
Gary Petersen
David Peterson
Rodney Peterson
Roger Peterson
Louis Petro and Roxanne G. Freedman-Petro
Joseph Petrovich and Laurie R. Parker
Thomas Phelan
Glen and Vanis Phillips
Frank and Susan Philpot
James Piazza
Robert Picard
Douglas Pickett
Josephine and Harold Piehutkoski
Jerome and Janice Pietrzak
Robert Pike
James Pikulski
Steven and Jenny Piper
Danielle Pisarcik
Daniel and Deborah Pitsos
Gerald and Priscilla Piwowar
James and Sandra Plagens
Peter Pleitner and Cynthia Hayward
Elden and Lenore Plue
Steven and Michelle Plumb
Rachel Plumley
Kenneth and Barbara Pohl
Linda Polack
Eleanor Pollack
Arthur Pope
Lawrence Portnoy
Elizabeth Posse
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Northville Post
Polly Pratt
Diane Premo
John and Joann Preputnik
Thomas and Kathleen Presecan
Shelia Preston
Thomas Preston
Judith and Michael Preville
Richard and Barbara Price
Robert Pritchett
Pro or Con Miniature Wargaming Club
Neal Probert
GE Matching Gift Program
The Progressive Insurance Foundation
Tristan Pruss
Steven Przybylski
William Purcell
Robert Puscheck
Robert and Diane Quick
Robert and Patricia Quintero
Alex Rabinovich
Thaddeus Racki
Kathleen Raczkowski
Elisabeth Radcliff
Craig Raddatz
Thomas Radtke
Michael and Lisa Radwick
Gino and Delores Raffin
Scott Ragon
Stacey Raines
Colleen Ralph
Jonathan Ralph
Peter Ramik
Steven Ramold
Dana Randall
John Randolph
Tom Rankin
Paul and Brynn Raupagh
Bruce Raykiewicz
Janeth Ream
Charles Reavis
Dayna Recchia
Edward and Sharon Redmer
Francis Redmond
Robert Redner
Dennis Reed
John Reed
James and Jeanne Reed
Robin and Keith Reed
Lloyd Reeves
Steven and Patricia Reff
Michael and John Reiser
Robert and Lois Renirie
John Rexford
Norma Reynolds
Stephen Rhoad
David Rhodes
Darold Rice
Ross and Marilyn Richardson
Janet Rider
Carrie and Thomas Riedeman
Ernest and Nancy Riemenschneider
John Riffle
Steven Riha
William Riker
Patrick and Joyce Riley
Phyllis Risdon
Hugo and Kathy Ritzenthaler
Anibal Rivera
Joseph Robb
Norman and Betty Roberts
Bernard Robertson
James Robertson
Duane and Beverly Robertson
James and Bonnie Robertson
Nancy and Richard Robertson
Mary Rock
David and Tamara Rockey
Fr. John Rocus, Jr.
Ronald Rodgers
Ray Rodgers and Doris Rogers
Dennis and Edith Rodriguez
Raymond Rodriquez
Amy and Charles Roehrig
Charles Rogers
Paul Rogers
Steven Rollins and Maureen A. Dempsey
Martin Rometsch and Wilhelmine Wiese-Rometsch
Romulus Historical Society
Karin and Tom Roncoli
Charles and Janice Root
Richard and Laura Roscoe
Donovan Rose
Kathryn Rose
Raymond Rose
Robert and Jacqueline Rosinski
Kelly Rossman-McKinney
James and Pamela Rossman
Kathleen Roth
William Roubinek
Matthew Royal
Richard Ruby
Katherine Rudolph
Herman Ruhlman
Benjamin Russell
Terri Russick
Patrick and Katherine Ryan
Lester Sackett
Jennifer Saffran
Michael Sahyun
Vicki Salemi
Suzy Salib
Kenneth and Lois Sanborn
Mark Sandefur
Jeffrey Sander
Sands Aviation Corp.
Ronald and Bibian Sangster
Lawrence and Faith Sanko
John Santeiu, Jr.
Elmer Santos
Steven and Pamela Sarlitto
Stephen Sarrica
Kenneth Sass
Laurie Satanski
Phil Sattler
Michael Saunders
Sandra Sauters-Hall
Pamela Sayre
Sayre Elementary – Pack 236
Wayne Sayre
Anthony Scalzi
Joseph Scavone
Donald Schaffer
Scott Schaffer
Mildred Schairer
Benjamin and Janet Scheiwe
Andrew Schenk
Steve Scherer
Barbara Schieb-Gibbons
Ruth Schieb
Deborah Schimmel
Florence Schlecht
Roger and Margaret Schlueter
Karl and Eleanor Schmid
Carol Schmidt
Christine Schmidutz
Jane Schmiedeke
Thomas Schmitz
Carl and Charlene Schmult
Margaret and Ray Schneider
Gary and Marjorie Schocke
David Schoewe
Jean Scholl
Beckey Schott
Carl and Shirley Schram
Barbara and Timothy Schreck
Ronald and Jean Schroer
Paul Schultz
Robert and Jeanie Schultz
Robert and Darline Schultz
Theodore Schulz
Gerald Schutter
David and Edwina Schwall
Rabbi Daniel Schwartz
James Schwarz
George and M. Jean Schweigert
Kent Scofield
James and Barbara Scott
Thomas and Carolyn Scott
Robert and Judith Scranton
Tom Sedler
Amy Seetoo
Robert Seifert
Jason Seigler
Alec and Donna Selesky
Paul Sellars
Tom Sellers
Mark and Marjorie Sellers
Russell Serbay
Dennis Sercombe
Francis Severino
Dean Shafer
Robert Shafer
Carolyn Sharp
Kenneth Shaw
Brenda Shearer
Richard Sheeran
Sharon Sheets
Gordon and Anne Sheill
Frederick Shell
Eugene and Juanita Shelley
William and Linda Shepard
Loretta Sheridan
Harold Sherman
Marion Sherman
Bonnie and Mark Sherman
Roger and Judith Sherman
John and Kathleen Sherzer
Louis and Ruth Shifrin
Dan Shoemaker
Robert Shoens
Charles and Karen Shonta
Hugh Short
Richard and Mona Short
Larry and Verla Shoup
Robert Shrader
Andrew Shrawder
David Shtulman
Richard Shymanovitz
Thelma Sibinic
David Sidebottom
Randall Sieb
Yvonne and Daniel Sielski
Ralf Siemens
William Sienko
Cynthia and Michael Siler
Jennifer Silva
John Simon
Angela Simone
Frank Sinagra
Michael Sinko
Gary Sinning
Brandt Skillman
Timothy Skillman
Gary and Shary Skoloff
Margaret Skotarczyk
Valerie Sliger
Carl and Alice Slisher
Collin Small
Catherine Smith
Dean Smith
Edwin Smith
Frederic Smith
Greg Smith
Howard Smith
Lawrence Smith
Marguerite Smith
Nancy Smith
Richard Smith
Robert Smith
Scott Smith
Terri Smith
Timothy Smith
Allen Smith and Marcia Crawford
Donald and Jean Smith
Frederick and Priscilla Smith
Jack and Carol Smith
Richard and Ireen Smith
Ronald and Lisa Smith
Ross and Anne Smith
Martin Snuverink
Mark Snyder
Roger Snyder
Eric Sobocinski
Regina and Thomas Sobota
James and Janet Sockolosky
Marty Solvberg
Paul Phillip Sondeen
Carl Sonkoly
Julie Soper
Joseph and Mary Sotak
South Eastern MI Chapter Military Officers Assoc.
Alan Spalding
Christopher Spangler
Nancy Spanich
Robert Spaulding and Susan D. Hutchinson
Daniel Speckhart
Sammy and Shirley Spencer
Rebecca Spenser
Donald Speyer
Sharon Speyer
Jane Spires
Allen and Mary Spivey
Linda and William Spodak
Gordon and Suann Squires
Donald Staebler
Margaret Stahl
Ronald Staley
Larry Stambaugh
Marc Stancy
Jack Stankrauff
Morgan Stanley
Sandra Stanton
Jayne Stasser
Stefanie Stauffer
James and Judith Stautberg
Timothy Stedman
Marilyn and Herbert Steele
Robert Steeneck
William Stegath and Pamela Stegath Wilson
Walter and Deborah Stegmann
Barry Stephan
Jan Stephens
David Stephenson
Thomas and Janet Stepp
Marc Stermer
Nancy Stermer
Jon Stevens
Douglas and Janet Stevens
John Stewart
Earl and Kathy Stilson
Erwin and Marlene Stirnweis
William Stoffregen
Jennifer Stolmeier
Gordon Stolter
Peter and Mary Stone
Christine Stonoski
Douglas Strain
John and Donna Strasko
David Stratman
Susan Stred
Thomas and Nancy Strickland
Lynn Strobbe
Edward Strong
Glenn Strong
Jarvis Strong, Jr.
Kea Strubank
Luke Stuart
Walt Stuart
Kathleen Stutzner
Joseph and Donna Suerth
Jeffrey Suhanic
Rio Suiter
James and Jeraldine Suits
Paul and Pamela Sujdak
Andy Sulak
John Sullivan
Terry Sullivan
Kimberly Summe
Paul Summers
Dennis and Jane Sumner
Sam Surotich
Michael Svendsen
Johnathan Swanson
Kathleen and Mark Swanson
Robert and Diana Swanson
Thomas Swigart
Robert and Barbara Swistock
Kaitlyn Switzer
Van Swofford
Eric Syverson
Richard and Ann Szajgecki
Janusz and Linda Szyszko
Adam Tagert
Frances Takahashi
Gary Talley
Patrick Tanner
Richard Tasker
John Taurianen
Jeri Taylor
Lake Telecom
Sue Tenorio
Edward Tessmer
John Therrian
Greer Thibodeau
Julie Thomas
Bradley Thompson
Edward Thompson
Gayle Thompson
Peter Thompson
Duane and Debra Thompson
Edward Thornhill
Christopher Thorpe
Rudolf and Melissa Thun
Laura Thurner
Paul Thwaite
Rich Tignino
Amy Tilden
Kevin Tilley
Jamesenna Tillman
Phyllis Timbs
Michael and Sally Tindall
Richard and Dawn Tischler
John and Joyce Tiseo
Gary Tkaczyk
Ronald Todt
John Toelken
Joanne Tollison
Douglas Tomayko
Henry Tomczyk
Mary Toon
Attilio Tore
Robert Toth
Martha and Gerald Toth
Brian Tracy
Raymond Tracy and Lisa Gallant
Berz Flight Training
Mark Traudt
Jessica Trelfa
Michael Trelfa
Grant Trigger
John and Susan Trudeau
Mary Trusler
Billian Living Trust and Robert W. Billian
Ruth B. Gerler Trust and Ruth B. Gerler
Shawna Tshiboyi
Robert Tucker
Mary Turgyan
Nicholas Turner
Robert Tuttle
Larry Twitchell
UAW Local 900
Mary Underwood
Matthew Unsworth
Irving Usner
Karl Vacek
Patrick Valade
Bernard Van Antwerp
Gary Van Farowe
Chris Van Schaardenburgh
John and Ann Van Syckle
Marian VandenBergh
Daniel Vandercook
Ellen VanderKolk
Glenn and Marjorie VanDyke
Johnny Vanneste
Charles and Barbara Vanvleck
Mark and Catherine Vanvoorhis
Roger Venable
Pascal and Jeanette Verhille
Mark Vernacchia
Louis Veros
Louis and Joy Veros
Peter and Anne Vestevich
Christine and Scott Vetter
V.F.W. Post 4230, Rock of Gibraltar
VFW Post 7310
Paul and Janet Victor
Rupert Vielhaber
Michael and Angela Vinarcik
Dolores Vincent
Brad and Randi Vincent
Donald and Caroline Vincent
Vintage Chevrolet Club of America
Larry Virtue
Joseph Visnyak and Vera May Rose
John Vogt
Brad Voncannon
Kevin Vrem
Thomas Vukonich
Stuart Waddell
Harold and Marva Wade
Steven Wadhams
William and Carol Wadke
Fred Waggoner
Margaret Waggoner
Amy Wagner-Kotb
Lindsey Wagner
Matthew Wagner
William and Grace Wagnild
Russell Wakeman
Richard Walker
David and Lori Walker
Beth and Brian Wall
Kathy Wallace
Richard Wallin, II
John and Theresa Wallingford
James Walsh
Elaine Walter and James R. Walters
Marjorie Walters
William Walters
James Ward
Ralph Warkentin
Kenneth Warner
Paul Warner
Patrick and Doris Warner
Thomas and Jo Warner
Bette Warren and Sally McCracken
James and Elizabeth Warren
Stewart and Noreen Warren
John Warring
Anne Warrow
Washtenaw County Historical Society
Peter Waskul
Thomas Wasner
Frederick Wassermann
James Wasukanis
Tom Waters
Brandon Way
Frederick Weaver
Roger and Patricia Weaver
Robert Webb
Walter Webb
William Weber
Robert Weber and Marian M. Slentz
Donald Wedekemper
Diane and Russell Weid
Roy Weidig
Cody Welch
Daniel Weller
Mark Weller
Patrick Welsh
Arthur Wendt
Robert Wenzel and
Wendie M. Martin
Ben Werner
Michael Werner
Patrick Werner
Anthony Werschky
Mark Wesner
Barbara Westrate
Doug Wetzel
Patrick Whalen
Bill White
John White
Glenn and Monica Whiteside
Brice Whittaker
Christopher Wibbelman
Jonathan Wicks
Sophia and Brian Wiec
Carl and Michelle Wiegand
Richard Wigginton
Charles Wilbur
Steven Wild
Roger and Grace Wilfong
James and Ellen Wilhite
Scott Wilkins
Thomas Willett
Brian Williams
Karl Williams
Lawrence Williams
Jerry and Janice Williams
Timothy and Linda Willibey
Judith Williston
Kevin Wilson
David and Martha Wilson
Richard and Lynn Wilson
Jack Wiltse
Carol and Paul Winkler
Donald and Jean Wioskowski
Richard and Lenora Wioskowski
John and Persis Wirth
William H. Wisbey Construction
Richard Wisner
Michael and Gail Wisniewski
Richard and Joan Wixom
Craig Wolff
Richard Wolford
James Wonacott and Laura L. Neuman
Katherine Woods
Henry and Mary Woods
Robert and Gladys Woods
Wayne Woodward
Carl and Amanda Woodward
Joanne Wooster
David Wright
Jennifer Wright
Shelly Wright
Edward and Sharon Wright
William and Eva Wright
Michael Wulk
Dody Wyman
David Yatsko
Laurence and Patricia Yavello
Joy Yearout
Yellow Rose B-25 Squadron
Robert Yoder
Sally and Christopher Yokley
Chris and Randee York
Paul Youman
Alasdair Young
Charles Young
George and Sherry Young
Nancy Youngdahl
Todd Yuhas and Cynthia F. Stahl-Yuhas
JoAnn Yurgil
Steven and Loraine Yurmanovic
Michael Zack
John Zadikian
Denis Zafiros
Dale Zahm
John and Nancy Zajac
Michele Zambito
John Zarembski
The Jack V Zatirka Charitable Fund
Raymond and Patricia Zawacki
Eric Zemper and Mary Louise Jannausch
Paula Zera
David Zerweck
George Ziegler
Janice and Michael Zielinski
Scott Zika
Peter Zillick
Ann Zimmerman
Robert and Melissa Zimmerman
Susan Zuk
Lawrence and Dona Zukerman
Heather Zupec
Daneen Zureich
Carol Zurfluh

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