About the Campaign

OCTOBER, 2014:

Together, we’ve written another amazing chapter in the history of Willow Run. But your support is still needed…

October 30, 2014:  We are excited to announce that our portion of the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant is to be preserved as a NEW home for the Yankee Air Museum (read the details at this link), and we extend a heartfelt thanks to the many amazing people and organizations who helped us make this happen. It could not have been accomplished without you! But, your support is still needed…

Together, we’ve preserved Rosie’s factory, now it’s time to fill it with history!

Together, with overwhelming nationwide support, we’ve raised the funds to preserve and convert 144,000 sq. ft. of the Bomber Plant into a fully-independent, fully-functional building. Now we need to build the interior facilities and exhibits of the exciting new museum that we have planned!

If these walls could talk… they’d tell a story. Of American know-how. Of social change. Of a country that pulled together, to get a tough job done. It’s a story to inspire future generations. Let’s tell it at Willow Run!

You, too, can be a part of this great effort … just click here to join thousands who have contributed already.

save-bomber-plant-beautiful-certificate-4It’s definitely not too late to “Do Your Part” by DONATING, and receive your official Preservation Certificate… proof that YOU helped Save the Willow Run Bomber Plant! You can dedicate your gift in honor of your own personal hero or heroine.

The Campaign’s Mission

The purpose of the Save The Willow Run Bomber Plant Campaign is to mobilize the resources needed to preserve and renovate roughly 144,000 square feet of the 5 million square foot former Willow Run Bomber Plant, to eventually become the new home of the Yankee Air Museum.

The Yankee Air Museum, based on the eastern edge of Willow Run Airport since 1981, houses aviation- and history-related exhibits and programs, and preserves and maintains a small fleet of WWII-era flyable aircraft, including the majestic Yankee Lady B-17. Yankee has a collection of static aircraft on display, and hosts the popular Thunder Over Michigan Air Show every August.

The cost involved in making our preserved portion of the Bomber Plant viable, by restoring its walls and creating modern utility services, is unavoidably high. Currently, we are actively soliciting donor support to complete the first renovation phase of the Willow Run Bomber Plant.

Campaign History

At the start of this effort, “separation costs” for “our” portion of the building were estimated at $8 million, and close to $3 million in project savings and past giving was already available to help meet those costs. As the campaign kicked off in mid-May, 2013, and this website went online, that left us with a need to raise $5 million in additional funding before the demolition deadline. With great fundraising progress and popular support demonstrated as the campaign progressed, the original August 1, 2013 deadline was extended three times, finally landing on a May 1, 2014 deadline, which was necessarily final, since demolition of the plant commenced in September, 2013, and was scheduled to proceed throughout the winter and spring. The building’s owners, in conjunction with its contractors, configured the demolition work to spare “our” portion of the plant until the last moment, to allow us as much time as possible to raise funds. The campaign to Save The Willow Run Bomber Plant received incredible media coverage and support at the local, state and national level, and inspired people and organizations of all kinds to “help save Rosie’s factory.” Although together we have succeeded in saving a portion of Willow Run from demolition, there is now much more work to be done in order to prepare it to be the future home of the Yankee Air Museum.

Willow Run: a Storied Past, and a Bright Future

A museum honoring the site’s historic industrial past will create an exciting and fitting new chapter for Willow Run. This would not only honor, but continue Willow Run’s legacy of breakthrough manufacturing innovation, inspiring future generations to pursue STEM education to revitalize the present.

Help Make the Vision a Reality! Support for the cause has been overwhelming, and we have raised the funds necessary to buy, preserve, and secure 144,00 sq. ft. of the historic facility as a future new home for the Yankee Air Museum.

Now, we have to finish the job by raising the funds necessary to turn our big, historic box into a museum… by renovating the interior and populating it with exciting exhibits.

So help preserve and transform as many square feet of this historic treasure as you can, and be a part of the nationwide effort to Save The Bomber Plant!

Together, we did it… Now, let’s finish the job!
Do your part. Click on the big, red “Donate” button, and give generously…. and please tweet, post and share to spread the word!

How Does My Gift Help?

Every $50 preserves and renovates 1 square foot of the Bomber Plant, so…

  • $50 preserves 1 sq. ft.
  • $100 preserves 2 sq. ft.
  • $250 preserves 5 sq. ft.
  • $500 preserves 10 sq. ft.
  • $1,000 preserves 20 sq. ft.
  • $2,500 preserves 50 sq. ft.
  • $5,000 preserves 100 sq. ft.
And, just as the Willow Run workers helped win World War II…
together, we can do it!

Do your part. Click on the big, red “Donate” button, and give generously…. and please tweet, post and share to spread the word!

Thank you!
The Michigan Aerospace Foundation
The Yankee Air Museum
Campaign Co-chairmen Astronaut Jack Lousma and former GM Executive Bob Lutz